2017 Postdoctoral Fellow

Mauricio Castro

(919) 684-4375

Mauricio Castro originally hails from San Jose, Costa Rica. He first moved to the United States to pursue his undergraduate degree at Vassar College. He later moved to Lafayette, Indiana where he pursued his PhD in American history from Purdue University. While in graduate school, he worked at and eventually came to manage a record and comic book shop.  Mauricio has recently arrived in Durham with his record collection and his nine-year-old Rottweiler, Marlowe.

His work focuses on the interactions between the Cuban exile and Cuban American community, the federal government, and the City of Miami. He first visited the United States through South Florida and even at an early age he was fascinated by the mix of cultures in the region. Mauricio’s research illustrates the interplay between policy and culture and the impact of Latino/a communities in shaping contemporary American cities. He is currently working on a book manuscript entitled “Casablanca of the Caribbean: the Cuban Diaspora, Federal Policy, and the Transformation of Miami. “ This manuscript serves as a history of both the city of Miami and the Cuban diaspora, combining political, cultural, and foreign policy history to show how local events are shaped by and themselves shape transnational trends.