About Latino/a Studies

Latino/a Studies has existed at Duke for 15 years, achieving official Program status in Fall 2008, and offering the first introductory course for our undergraduate certificate program in Spring 2009.  Prof Antonio Viego is Faculty Director of the Program, and the Executive Director is Jenny Snead Williams (contact us).  The introductory course for the certificate will next be taught in Spring 2014 by Prof Viego.  The interdisciplinary certificate program, Latino/a Studies in the Global South, allows students to expand on their knowledge of Latino/a communities in the United States by combining courses from across the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools.  Several other great courses on Latino/a Studies are also offered this year - be sure to check the Academics - Courses page. We also offer a variety of programming throughout the year, with events, exhibits, and guest speakers covering topics from politics to health to art, and everything in between.  We continue our support of faculty and student-led events again in 2013-14, as well as support for conference attendance and research and teaching needs.  Our associated DukeEngage program based in Tucson, AZ will run again in Summer 2014, with a focus on immigration, human rights, and policy, and we will also be supporting a new DukeEngage program in Miami, FL working with Unidad Miami Beach.