¡Bienvenidos to the cyber home of the Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South (LSGS) at Duke University!

Latino/a Studies strives to foster new directions in the field––to promote greater awareness of this sizable population and to elucidate methodologies and tools necessary to unpack its complexities, for personal and collective discovery. Ultimately LSGS provides students with the necessary background as well as the rich opportunities for critical inquiry. In considering the academic, the socioeconomic, political and artistic modes of expression and understanding emanating from, and about, these growing communities, Latino/a Studies facilitates greater citizenship, global awareness, and scholarship. The program serves as a locus for bringing together the very best insights from the disciplines to uncover the multifaceted ways that Latinos make meaning around the country and the world. So doing, LSGS seeks to engender social justice and responsibility not only at Duke and in Durham, locally, but also in the larger world, globally. I invite you to explore our exciting course offerings and programming and to work toward a Certificate in Latino/a Studies in the Global South.

I am pleased to inaugurate Arrob@: The Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South Blog this academic year. This forum will feature artists, scholars, activists, or public intellectuals from around the country who will reflect on timely matters within the field. I encourage you to check our website and join this wide-ranging conversation. And stay tuned for the upcoming "Arrivals and Departures: An LSGS Undergraduate Research Symposium."

Please join me in thanking Prof. Antonio Viego for his many years of devoted service to LSGS. When you see him, do give him your warm regards for being a trailblazer in Latino/a Studies at Duke.

Finally, I wish to extend much gratitude to the classy and super talented community of artists who make up an essential part of this website. Many, many thanks to The BAO House, R. Galvan, Walterio Iraheta, Evan McIntyre, Hanes Motsinger, Sean Patrick Sullivan, Izel Vargas, and alphabetically last but not least, Rio Yañez for generously sharing their amazing works and vision with us. Thank you for enhancing our reader's website experience and for making us look so good!

With every best wish for future collaboration and fellowship,
I am sincerely yours,

Claudia Milian
Director of Latino/a Studies
Associate Professor of Romance Studies