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    • Arrob@ is LSGS's online forum, where artists, scholars, activists, and public intellectuals serves as Virtual Resident Bloggers and provocatively tackle sociocultural representations framed around the conceptual parameters of what is visualized––and who remains invisible––as "Latino" and "Latina"? | Arrob@ Typewriter illustration by Durham, N.C.-based artist Evan McIntyre.



Curating the cultural geography of Latino/a representations
in the American imagination

What is visualized––and who remains invisible––as "Latino" and "Latina"?
LSGS's blog, Arrob@, is an online forum where the aforestated query is analytically tackled anew, each month, by an artist, scholar, activist, or public intellectual who serves as a Virtual Resident Blogger.
Tune into Arrob@ often as our invited contributor considers the life stories, the visual media, the events, and the contradictory moments that discursively make up and represent U.S. Latino and Latina populations. The Virtual Resident Blogger becomes our most trusted and valuable source in the critical curation, linking, and the debunking of the symbolic power of the social constructions organizing the meanings of Latino and Latina.

SPRING 2015  /

» Food writer and journalist Victoria Bouloubasis (January) 
» Historian at Texas State University John Mckiernan-Gonzalez 
» Surprise guest 


FALL 2014   /

» Artist Izel Vargas (September)
» Novelist Patricia Engel (October)
» RISD graduate student R. Galvan (December)

Illustrations by Durham, N.C.–based artist Evan McIntyre.