2019 Postdoctoral Fellow

Silvia Serrano

(919) 684-4375

Silvia Serrano’s research and teaching interests focus on nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first century Latin American and Latinx literatures and cultural studies, with particular emphasis on Colombian vernacular culture and the emerging field of radio studies. As part of her postdoctoral appointment, she is investigating how Latino/a/x subjectivities have been and are produced in sound through radio programs, shows, and podcasts in the United States. She earned her Ph.D. in Romance Studies (Latin American Studies) at Duke University in May 2019. Her dissertation, “Intermedial Sutatenza: Media[ted] Narratives of Community-Making in Rural Colombia,” examines the politics and poetics of sound production in a rural radio station in Colombia. Her research contributes to a small body of work on the intersections of listening and power inequalities in the Global South and participates in recent scholarship that questions Latin America’s modernity as eminently visual.