Our Students

LSGS Certificate Students

Norma De Jesus is a double major in Public Policy and Cultural Anthropology from Edinburg, Texas​. She came to LSGS through curiosity about her own identity.​ “I was curious about the history, the creative expressions and the literature that encapsulate the reality of being Latinx in the United States.​ LSGS courses expose you to many topics that may seem clear at face value, but have layers of depth. They have provided me with critical tools for understanding what it means to be Latinx, and how our experiences are part of the American narrative. With my desire to go to law school and potentially return to my home state of Texas, I see LSGS being crucial to my career pursuits.”

Michael Courtney, from Miami, F​lorida,​ is a Sociology major with an Education minor​. He​ came to the LSGS Certificate, in part, to explore his own Latinidad. “Latino/a Studies 101 with Prof. Walter Mignolo gave me a perspective on my roots, where my mom comes from (Panama), and how she transitioned and adapted to the environment when she moved to Miami. All three programs have helped me become more global by teaching me more about different cultures, my own cultures, and the structures that influence people in those cultures. I’m exploring different avenues of working in Panama, particularly with some NGOs there, and I think LSGS will be hugely important to that.”

Elizabeth Barahona 
is a History and LSGS Certificate Major, from Orlando, Florida, and President of Mi Gente​, the Duke Latinx student organization. “I want to be an educator and eventually work as a policymaker in the field of education, working with the most marginalized and underrepresented students, which right now are the undocumented.
The repertoire of texts, theories, and knowledge LSGS offers is foundational for that work. I would say that it’s one of Duke’s gems because of the mentorship, the nurturing and inspiration it provides. LSGS is crucial to the goals of the University. It builds leaders, change makers, and develops thinkers.”