Undocumented America in Literature

LSGS 390S.02

This seminar explores the representation of lived experiences, trajectories, and current events vis-à-vis the figure of the undocumented migrant, in contemporary American literature. Testimonial accounts, journalism chronicles, memoirs, poetry, cinematic works, and critical scholarship inform and propel our study of the experience of (“illegal”) migrant movement––departure, journey, and arrival––as portrayed in Latino and Latina literature. We will question status designations such as “illegal,” “undocumented,” and “unauthorized”; “legitimacy” and  recognition; the inadmissible and the construction of “suspect” bodies; social participation in U.S. society; and the ideology of American exceptionalism. This course’s key thematic perspectives will also investigate borders; security measures; unclassifiability; instability; transnational networks; and nation, homelands, and diasporic spaces. The seminar aims to capture how the U.S. and Latin American national and cultural terrains are shifting, as is the Latino and Latina “immigration” narrative.  Instructor: Claudia Milian

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ROMST 390S.01, LIT 390S.05

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