Arrivals and Departures: An Undergraduate Research Symposium

Watch as students “truly put the pedal to the metal and integrate in meaningful ways what [they] are learning,” as Linda Burton, James B. Duke Professor of Sociology and Dean of Social Sciences, tells participants at the “Arrivals and Departures: An Undergraduate Research Symposium.” Semester-long research projects were presented in this intellectual gathering, which focused on the work produced in three LSGS seminars: “Introduction to Latino/a Studies” (Prof. Walter Mignolo); “Latino/a Autobiography and Memoir” (Prof. Claudia Milian); and “Truth Telling, Story Telling, and History” (Prof. Yuridia Ramírez). “Arrivals and Departures” combined students from each of the three courses into multiple panels, thus providing them opportunities to realize links across courses and to dialogue with peers from different perspectives. The range of topics under examination included Latino/a feminisms; the legacy of parenting in Latino/a memoir; literature as a site of counter nationalism; the Mexican Revolution and the Mexican film industry; and much more. A huge thank you to all the participants who shared their scholarship.