» Mon | 23 March 2015 | 4 pm

Borders and Routes: Emerging Geographies on the Pan American Highway 

A Talk by Rosa Elena Ficek

225 Friedl Building

A Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Wesleyan University’s Center for the Humanities, Rosa Elena Ficek holds a B.A. from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her research brings together perspectives from postcolonial studies, science and technology studies, and environmental anthropology to consider how Latin American landscapes are shaped by capitalist and colonialist histories. Prof. Ficek is working on a monograph on the Pan American Highway that understands Latin American integration through the lens of mobility and encounter, based on fieldwork in Panama, Mexico, and the United States.

» Fri | 27 March 2015 12 pm

Policing Life and Death: Race, Class, and the Production of Vulnerability in Puerto Rico

A Talk by Marisol LeBrón

103 Carr Building

Prof. LeBrón earned a B.A. in Comparative American Studies from Oberlin College and her Ph.D. in American Studies from NYU. She is currently an Assistant Professor in American Studies at Dickinson College.  Her research includes policing, militarization, incarceration, spatial inequalities, political economy, youth, and race in the Americas. She is currently at work on a manuscript about the growth of punitive governance in contemporary Puerto Rico.

» Wed | 1 April 2015 | 4 pm

Women Ask Relief for Puerto Ricans: The Transnational and Colonial History of the U.S. Welfare State 

A Talk by Emma Amador

225 Friedl Building

Amador holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Connecticut. She is a Ph.D. candidate in History at the University of Michigan. Her research includes social welfare, migration and women’s activism in Puerto Rico. Her dissertation, Welfare is Work: Public Assistance, Migration and Gender in Puerto Rican Communities, 1920-1970, provides a transnational history of the Puerto Rican welfare state, centering parallel histories of social workers and applicants, and exposing how public assistance impacted and conditioned Puerto Rican migrations.

» Fri | 17 April 2015

Subjects of and for Central American-American Studies


This workshop maps the broad conceptual parameters of Central American-American Studies and explores them through history, cultural and literary studies, and humanistic social sciences, as well as interdisciplinary frameworks. Engaging with this transnational U.S. population, Subjects of and for Central American-American Studies aims to proceed with the critical baton of academic conversation started after the historic 2012 Teresa Lozano Long conference at The University of Texas at Austin on “Central Americans and the Latino/a Landscape: New Configurations of Latina/o America” and the summer 2013 special issue of Latino Studies on "U.S. Central Americans: Representations, Agency and Communities."  

Questions to be worked through include: what is "Central American-American" (and the very language that names it), how is it brought into view, what is its past and future, how is it dialoguing with Latino/a Studies, and are there new geographic sites and analytic nests of possibilities?

» Participants
The University of Texas at Austin
The University of Arizona
Hunter College
The University of Texas at Austin
The University of New Mexico
Journalist at El Faro & author of The Beast (Verso, 2013)
University of California at Santa Cruz

Co-sponsors include Program in Women's Studies, Duke Human Rights Center at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies.

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