What Is the LSGS Certificate? What Can You Do with It?

Latinos, Latinas, Latino/as, Latin@s, Latines, Latinxsthat is, people of Latin American descent in the United Statesare the nation’s largest ethnoracial minority.

What trajectories, histories, and communities lie behind demographic numbers? In what ways are ethno-racial categories activated, revised, navigated, and theorized? How are Latino/a/x invisibility and imperceptibility in everyday life articulated and visualized in popular culture as well as political discourse? What are the geographies, “big problems,” and “common” experiences of Latino/a/xs and Latinidad?

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Certificate in Latino/a Studies in the Global South

The Latino/a Studies in the Global South certificate is open to all undergraduates from any major. Its broad perspective and interdisciplinary approach are of potential benefit to those pursuing careers in law, business, marketing, education, public policy, medicine and healthcare, journalism and communications, the non-profit sector, and beyond.

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