Certificate in Latino/a Studies in the Global South (LSGS)

The Latino/a Studies in the Global South certificate is open to all undergraduates from any major. Its broad perspective and interdisciplinary approach are of potential benefit to those pursuing careers in law, business, marketing, education, public policy, medicine and healthcare, journalism and communications, the non-profit sector, and beyond.

This interdisciplinary certificate is designed to provide you with:

  • comparative, historical, and cultural knowledge of peoples of Latin American descent living in the United States (and moving transnationally)
  • understanding of the concepts of Hispanics/Latino/as, latinidad and hispanidad, and the Global South (and Global North)
  • insight into the construction and assertion of Latino/a identities, involving convergences and divergences, over space and time. 

This certificate program allows you to draw on both the strength and scope of Duke’s offerings in Latino/a Studies as well as complementary courses offered at UNC-Chapel Hill, which offers an interdisciplinary minor in Latina/o Studies.