Past Virtual Exhibitions

A photo from the Spring 2012 Durham Storefront Project: Elsewhere and Whitney Trettien's book landscape installation "biblio-geography," at the Teermark Building downtown (212 W. Main St.).

Links to Three Duke Virtual Exhibitions

"Nation on the Move – The Puerto Rican Diaspora: Photographs by Frank Espada, 1963–90." This exhibit––co-curated by Holly Ackerman, Librarian for Latin American, Iberian, and Latino/a Studies, and Fredo Rivera, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Art, Art History, & Visual Studies, at Duke––featured, from 16 January to 29 April 2012, Espada's efforts to "photograph and record the daily life of the Puerto Rican population," interviewing individuals "in the workplace, at community organizations, and at baseball games in an effort to understand the quality of life the migrants were able to attain." As "Nation on the Move" made clear, Espada presented "a narrow slice of that larger work, focusing on rural migration in Hawaii and Pennsylvania, and urban migration in New York City and Hartford, Connecticut."

"On the Migrant Trail: Stories from the U.S.–Mexico Border," a December 2010–January 2011 exhibit that documented the experiences of migrants, as seen through the eyes of DukeEngage Tucson participants. "On the Migrant Trail" depicted "the harsh desert and landmarks immigrants encounter in journeying from Mexico to southern Arizona, but also present[ed] the more personal, human elements of the experience––the found objects, the water jugs set out by humanitarian organizations, the desert shrine to Josselina, a young girl who lost her life on the trail." 

"Documenting the Politics of Food: Photographs from the Rubenstein Library Collections." Highlighting the work of ten photographers, "Documenting the Politics of Food" was a reflection on U.S. agricultural policies, alongside "the effect of those policies on farmworkers, food production, and consumption." It took place from 10 August–10 December 2012.