Latino/a Studies in the Global South

The Program in Latino/a Studies in the Global South (LSGS) allows students to expand on their knowledge of the U.S. Latino and Latina population by combining classes from across the humanities, social sciences, and professional schools.

LSGS has a unique focus. It seeks to situate the inquiry of Latino/a Studies in a particular geographic space: the U.S. South and the Global South. LSGS enables historical and emerging considerations of the construction of race and ethnicity transnationally. It connects with the cross-disciplinary analysis and knowledges imparted in African and African American Studies, American Studies, and Latin American Studies. The conceptual space and epistemological apparatus of the "Global South" is also an analytic pathway that brings out possibilities vis-à-vis historical events, regional differences, demographic transitions, and geopolitical hierarchies. The Global South promotes debate, continuous rethinking, and casts light on the entanglements of our contemporary moment, paired with the sociopolitical realities that shape being Latino and Latina in the world.

In addition to offering courses and a certificate program, LSGS offers a variety of supplemental educational opportunities, including lectures and events involving prominent scholars, artists, writers, musicians, and performers; financial assistance for student-organized academic discussions; conference awards; advising; and a resource room.