Michelle Lozano Villegas, 2012

"(I took) many great classes (including) Introduction to Latino/a Studies History."

Anna (Ye Sul) Kim, 2012

"(I want to) apply what I have learned not only to the United States but also to other regions of the world with ethnic identity conflicts."

"I have bounced around a lot and Duke has allowed me to experiment and to pursue different tracks."

Destani Bizune, 2012

"The great thing about fields like Latino/a studies is that they can be applied to almost any other area."

Dominique Villegas, 2013

"The certificate has truly enriched my undergraduate career."

 Tawanna St. Lewis, 2013

"Before this class, I was forced to view and understand the Latino/a community solely through the lens of the media..."

Biridiana Rodriguez, 2013

"I learned the push and pull factors of immigration and other Latino/a issues that are so many times kept in silence."

Kimberly (Kim) Higuera, 2014

"Latino/a Studies has definitely taught me to see the world in a more holistic sense."

Rickelle (Ricki) Hernandez, 2014

"I quickly realized that this was the program that would allow me to interweave all of my interests."

Angie Diaz, 2014

"The course made me feel less isolated during my first semester away from home..."