Anna (Ye Sul) Kim, 2012

Anna (Ye Sul) Kim, from South Korea, double majored in Political Science and Spanish, earning, as well, as 2012 LSGS Certificate.

How did you get interested in Latino/a Studies?
I did DukeEngage in Tucson in my first year, which was one of the best choices I have ever made at Duke. Before then, I was not particularly interested in Latino/a Studies; actually, since I’m from South Korea where people hardly hear the term Latino/a, for me Latino/a Studies was nothing much more than one of the certificates I can pursue as a Spanish major. However, after DukeEngage in Tucson, during which I fortunately had a lot of precious experiences, especially concerning undocumented immigrants, within the Latino/a community there,

I decided to study diverse aspects of Latinidad more profoundly. Now, majoring in Political Science and Spanish, I wish to contribute to the political and legal realm of understanding Latinidad, and furthermore apply what I have learned not only to the United States but also to other regions of the world with ethnic identity conflicts.

What are the best experiences you have had at Duke?
I definitely recommend DukeEngage and Duke in Spain summer program. Both widened my perspective greatly and gave me opportunities to contemplate what I want and can do in the future and throughout my life. Those two summer programs made my summers at Duke worthwhile.

What are your goals/plans after graduation?
I’m planning to go back to South Korea and prepare for working in the diplomatic field.

Anna (Ye Sul) Kim, 2012