Rickelle (Ricki) Hernandez, 2014

Rickelle (Ricki) Hernandez completed the Certificate in Latino/a Studies in the Global South in 2014. She shares with us her experiences at what is now her alma mater, highlighting why she was drawn to LSGS:

Entering college I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but I also knew that I did not want my studies at Duke to be 100% focused in the sciences. As a Latina, I was drawn to courses offered by the LSGS program. I was particularly interested in creating a new path that blended my pre-medical studies with Latino studies. However, Duke did not seem to offer any major that suited my goals. As I began taking LSGS classes I quickly realized that this was the program that would allow me to interweave all of my interests. My ultimate goal is to work as a physician in underserved Latino communities and I felt that the LSGS program offered the right courses and the right faculty to help me prepare for this.

Being a part of the LSGS program has been an enormous blessing in my life. I can honestly say that it has been the most enriching experience in my Duke career. This program has pushed me to grow in ways that I never imagined. My entire view of the world and the people in it has been transformed and enlightened throughout the last four years, and I am truly grateful for that.

A Duke University without the Latino Studies Program in the Global South is a Duke I do not want to imagine. The LSGS program is absolutely essential at this university in order to move forward and face the future with both eyes open. To future Duke students I must say that missing out on this program would be a lost opportunity!

I look forward to entering the next phase of my life with an enlightened, compassionate perspective that I am confident will be life-altering.

Rickelle (Ricki) Hernandez, 2014